• Day 5: Goodbye Ghost, Hello Jekyll!

    Some of you, who read the Prologue, might remember that back in 2016 I started this new blog mainly because I wanted to use Ghost, the markdown based lightweight blog engine. It’s 2018 now, and I had to make some decisions.

  • Day 4: JavaScript Binary Decoder/Encoder

    I love oneliners. I also love functional programming. I… would love Haskell, if I’d had the guts to learn it, but I love JavaScript. So after a year, I’m going to break the silence here with a simple little JavaScript oneliner… actually two.

  • Day 3: Ghost and DISQUS Comments

    The Ghost CMS doesn’t have comments by default. Some might consider this a missing feature, but I don’t. Why would you want to complicate your CMS with comments, if there are really nice solutions available, like DISQUS.

  • Day 2: Serve Images from S3

    I started, my Hungarian movie premieres calendar more than two years ago. It went through a lot of changes lately, one of which was moving the image content to S3.

  • Day 1: Syntax Highlighted Code in Ghost with Prism.js

    For a coding blog, code snippets are an essential requirement. Ghost’s editor is powered by Markdown, where one can create code blocks multiple ways.

  • Prologue: Ghost on Heroku – how this blog was born

    Two days ago I was going over the newsletters in my inbox when I saw that Ghost 0.10.0 was released. I heard about this new CMS a while back, but moving aways from WordPress and PHP seemed like a bigger jump I intended to make back then.

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